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QuoteMaker Pro is a powerful tool for anyone involved in a wide variety of sales related professions. Unlike a lot of other sales automation solutions, QuoteMaker Pro gives you precise control over the appearance of your sales quotation as well as finely tuned control over your profit margin for each individual item on the proposal. QuoteMaker Pro supports both cost-plus and list-minus sell price computations. You can mix and match them on a product by product basis. You can also specify profit margins on a global scope for an entire quote, for groups of items as a subset of a quote, or on a line item level for each individual item. QuoteMaker Pro also allows you to precisely control the appearance of items in your quote. Using your iPad, you can drag and drop items to reorganize them in an order that will make the most sense to your client.

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Restoring in-app purchases

👤 🕔 April 6, 2013 0

I would have to say that the number one tech support question we get is regarding the process to restore previously-made in-app purchases when a user gets a newer iPad. Sometimes you will have trouble restoring your purchases for what appears to be no logical reason. In most cases, what has turned out to be the issue is that the user is logged into the app store using a different AppleID than the one they were logged in as when making the original purchase. So if you have an issue restoring your in-app purchases, please make sure you are not using a different AppleID when trying to actually perform the restore. If it still doesn’t work, then by all means please contact us for help.

The number one fix for app problems.

👤 🕔 April 6, 2013 0

Every now and then I get a tech support request about our app not opening when the user tries to launch it. In almost all cases, no matter what app you are using, the first thing to always try when something like this happens is to restart your iPad by holding the home and hold buttons down simultaneously for about 10 seconds until the iPad restarts itself. Many times, this is an almost magical, universal fix-all for weird app problems. Whether it’a an app like ours, or a web browser, or a photo app, or even a game, if you ever experience strange behavior the repeats itself, the first thing you should always try is this quick and simple fix.

Welcome to our new website!

👤 🕔 April 6, 2013 0

Welcome! This new web site has been long overdue. With the release of version 3.0 of QuoteMaker Pro I finally decided to take the time to give the app the home it deserves. I want to thank all of my loyal users for their support over the past few years, and look forward to working with you to make QuoteMaker Pro as perfect as possible! Stand tuned for more info.