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QuoteMaker Pro is a powerful tool for anyone involved in a wide variety of sales related professions. Unlike a lot of other sales automation solutions, QuoteMaker Pro gives you precise control over the appearance of your sales quotation as well as finely tuned control over your profit margin for each individual item on the proposal. QuoteMaker Pro supports both cost-plus and list-minus sell price computations. You can mix and match them on a product by product basis. You can also specify profit margins on a global scope for an entire quote, for groups of items as a subset of a quote, or on a line item level for each individual item. QuoteMaker Pro also allows you to precisely control the appearance of items in your quote. Using your iPad, you can drag and drop items to reorganize them in an order that will make the most sense to your client.

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  • I have been using this app since the first week of December and am very slow to write reviews. Since using, I have created and sent many quotations using this app. It is a great app! I would suggest it for anyone needing to put together a quotation of standard products on the fly. The format looks professional if you take the time to set everything up.

  • I have been using this app since mid 2012 and this is by far the best app I have ever used. Not only does the app do what its says it will do, the response by the author is fantastic. I wish Steve would create more sales apps. The best!

  • Downloaded this app for my IPad Mini after trying to get Iquote to work. Glad I did, this app is far superior to Iquote which I had been using on the IPad 2. Very versatile and unlike others you can actually export/import data. Don’t waste your time on anything else.

  • Can’t go wrong with this app. Does it do everything I want it to do? Not at first but the developer is tremendously responsive and thinks outside the box and makes changes base on our requests. Now I can quote from anywhere. This app is so powerful and the cost is within anyone’s budget

  • I started with QuickSale Pro but switched to QuoteMaker because they have the all important back office export of excel file to my purchasing people with costs etc. QuickSale makes a sexier quote but is too limited. Only thing I have missed on this app is no “brand” field in my quotations. Well done overall!

  • I used to write quotes in Excel, but this speeds up the delivery and keeps it much neater and consistent. The developer is very responsive to requests for changes. Very nice app!

  • I was a tad unsure of this app before finally deciding to give it a try. Looking back I am sure glad I did as for someone meeting clients face to face on a regular basis, having the ability to generate a very detailed and comprehensive quotation on the spot (and VERY quickly too) is a real advantage. So much so in fact that my close rate has benefitted since acquiring it. Support is first rate too! Not from a problem perspective ( I have thus far had no issues at all) but from a developer who is keen to listen to client suggestions). So watch out for the addition of Pro-forma invoice generation as being one thing under consideration at present. Perfect for taking payment with order. All in all a really useful and professionally presented App worth a lot more than it’s asking price.

  • QuoteMaker Pro is one of the best app in its kind wright now on the AppStore! This app does what it says, you just have to read the user manual! When you import your database, make sure it is formated as instructed and it will work fine. The Dropbox import is amassing. As for the programer, Steve, he is very responsive. I have bin in touch several times and he is very opened to modifications and add ones to his app. If you have questions or need assistance just press the assistance button under the app in the AppStore, select contact us and Voila, his e-mail address appears! Keep on the good work Steve!