Powerful Business Software for the iPad™

QuoteMaker Pro is a powerful tool for anyone involved in a wide variety of sales related professions. Unlike a lot of other sales automation solutions, QuoteMaker Pro gives you precise control over the appearance of your sales quotation as well as finely tuned control over your profit margin for each individual item on the proposal. QuoteMaker Pro supports both cost-plus and list-minus sell price computations. You can mix and match them on a product by product basis. You can also specify profit margins on a global scope for an entire quote, for groups of items as a subset of a quote, or on a line item level for each individual item. QuoteMaker Pro also allows you to precisely control the appearance of items in your quote. Using your iPad, you can drag and drop items to reorganize them in an order that will make the most sense to your client.

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📄 Powerful Pricing

Unlike other apps, QuoteMaker Pro allows you to mix and match both cost plus and list minus pricing on individual items, groups of items, or an entire proposal.

Flexible Output

Print and email quotes in a wide variety styles, in both PDF and HTML formats, with lots of individual options including product images, signature areas, and custom colors.

Drag and Drop

Easily rearrange individual items or entire groups of items on your proposal at any time so that it makes the most sense to your customer.

🍂 Optional Items

Give your customer the freedom of choice with the ability to flag items on your proposal as optional items that are not included in the total price.

Excel Support

QuoteMaker will import and export data in native Excel format so there is no need to use middleware to move data into and out of a spreadsheet.

Dropbox Support

QuoteMaker fully supports reading and writing files via the popular and wonderful Dropbox service so you can backup your data or share data with other users.

📎 Leasing Options

Define up to 5 default lease factors and descriptions to optionally include with any quote. Lease rates can also be edited on a quote by quote basis.

Deposit Tracking

There is no need to get back to the customer with an updated invoice, as QuoteMaker Pro lets you record and confirm receipt of a deposit.

🔗 Custom ID Formats

Unlike most other apps, QuoteMaker Pro offers you the ability to customize the ID number generated for each quote to match the format used by your business system.

📈 Exchange Rates

Every proposal in QuoteMaker can be assigned it’s own unique exchange rate multiplier so you can adjust your standard pricing to carry over into multiple countries.

Multiple Currencies

For those who work in multiple countries, QuoteMaker Pro allows you to instantly switch between over 36 popular international currencies.

📣 Corporate Branding

One of QuoteMaker Pro’s many available in-app purchase options is the ability to replace the logo on the app’s main screen with your own company’s logo.